Rates & Rentals

2018 Camping Rates

Open May 1 - October 15th, includes 4 registered campers per site.

Sunday-Thursday Friday & Saturday Holidays & Special Events 2 night min stay, paid at time of reservation Weekly $50-$100 deposit Monthly $100 deposit
Primitive Tent Sites $28 per tent per day $30 per tent per day $35 per tent per day $165 per tent N/A
Pull-Thru Sites W/S/E 30 Amp $42 per day $45 per day $50 per day $206, electricity not included & billed separately $550, electricity not included & billed separately
Pull-Thru Sites W/S/E 50 Amp $48 per day $50 per day $55 per day $206, electricity not included & billed separately $550, electricity not included & billed separately
Small Site 15 Amp (no A/C), pop-ups or tents $35 per day $40 per day $45 per day $180, electricity included $450, electricity included
Rental Camping Trailers $100 security deposit required $85 per day $85 per day $90 per day $460, electricity included N/A

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Sunny and Shady RV sites
Nice RV Site Ford F150
Nice RV Site Ford F150
Deluxe Cabin $100 security deposit required $110 per day $110 per day $120 per day $550 N/A

View Across Lake to Campsites
Sunny and Shady RV sites
Nice RV Site Ford F150

Additional Info & Fees

  • Seasonal rate full hook-up sites per year: Standard $1,500, Premium $1,600, Deluxe Lake Front $1,700. Additional cost for electric.
  • Extra guests and visitors (age 5 and older) are $5/person/day, $10/person/day on Holidays and Special Events. Maximum 10 people/site, strictly enforced.
  • Golf Cart Rental $30/day for 2 seater, $45/day for 4 seater. Must be a valid driver to rent.
  • A1 bunkhouse sleeps 6-8. A2 sleeps 4-6. Deluxe Cabin sleeps 4-5. No smoking or pets in rentals ($100 fee if this occurs).

    Both travel trailers contain the following amenities:
    Private bedroom with queen bed. Sleeper sofa. Dinette sleeper bed. Bathroom with shower. 3 burner stove, refrigerator, double sink, microwave & coffee maker. A/C, furnace, TV, picnic table and fire ring. *A1 Bunkhouse has additional 4 bunkbeds.

    Deluxe Cabin contains the following amenities:
    Private bedroom with double bed. Double bed pull-out sofa. Large modern bathroom with shower. Flat screen TV, A/C and electric fireplace. Refrigerator, sink, microwave, and coffee maker in kitchen. Front patio with table & chairs.

    **For all rental units campers should bring with them:
    Pillows/bedding/sleeping bags
    Garbage bags/Paper plates/silverware/cups
    Outdoor cooking utensils/pots and pans
    Personal toiletries
    Picnic table cover


  • Deposit required at reservation. (Usually cost of 1 night unless specified above)
  • Holiday & Big Event weekends must be paid in full at time of reservation, and require 2-night minimum stay.
  • Rental Campers and Cabin require an additional $100.00 security deposit upon check-in, cash only and is refundable upon checkout provided no damage is found. *Absolutely no pets or smoking allowed in any rentals. Breech of this contract will result in immediate loss of security deposit.
  • Pavilion or Banquet Hall rental: Cost $10/person with $150 minimum fee. $100 non-refundable deposit at time of reservation with remainder of fee and $50 refundable security deposit due the day of the event. Max 60 people. Price includes use of the campground amenities (putt putt, swimming pond, BB Ball, volley ball, game room, fishing, paddle boats, bocce, etc.)

Hours & Check-In Times

  • Camping Site Check in & Check out time is 3 pm. Rental RV and Cabin check out time 1 pm.
  • The gate to the campground closes when the office closes. You can rent a gate card to open the gate for $25 which will be refunded to you when you return the gate card.

Reservation Policy

RV & Tent Campsite Reservations: A deposit will be required when you make your reservation. The deposit will equal the first night's fee unless it is for a Holiday weekend which must be paid in full at time of reservation. Deposits can be charged to your credit card at time of reservation to hold your site. If paying by credit card and we have your email address, a receipt for the deposit will be emailed to you. Weekly reservations require a $50 deposit and monthly reservations deposit is $100. We will accept reservations for specific sites, but reserve the right to make substitutions without notice if needed.

RV & Tent Campsite Cancellation Policy: We cannot be held responsible for weather, illness, work schedule changes or other situations. If you are unable to honor your reservation, a minimum of 14 days notice is required to receive a refund. You must speak to a person to receive a confirmed cancellation. Messages on answering machines do not qualify as a confirmed cancellation. If giving 14 days or more notice, a deposit refund will be issued minus a $15 cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 14 days of reservations will result in forfeiture of deposit. Also, any reservations made after these deadlines require a non-refundable deposit. A reservation may be moved to another weekend, prior to cancellation deadline, at no additional charge.

We do not give refunds for early departure, inclement weather, or evictions.

Please make us aware of any vouchers, coupons, rain checks or any discount requests at time of reservation. We do not provide refunds after check in to honor discounts, gift certificates, coupons or special promotions. Only one discount per customer per visit. Discounts are not accepted on Holiday or Special Event weekends but may be used to extend the Holiday weekend prior to or immediately following the weekend.

Reservations for the next season may be made this year. If you'd like to reserve the same campsite for the same weekend next year, you may do so by stopping in the office before you leave.

View Across Lake to Campsites
Sunny and Shady RV sites
Nice RV Site Ford F150

Reservation Requests

You are encouraged to use the following online form in order to request a reservation at Paradise Lakes Family Campground. We will make every effort to respond to your request as promptly as possible, generally within 24 hours. Remember, this is only a reservation request form. We will contact you to finalize your reservation.

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Reservation Request
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Rental Campers and Cabins require a $100 security deposit. No pets in Rental Campers or Cabins.

Please confirm that you have read, fully understand, and agree to comply with all rules, regulations, and policies listed on this page and elsewhere on this website, including but not limited to all reservation, cancellation, and refund policies.
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